K-Lath® is the leader in reinforcement for Stucco Walls and Cladding. For over 65 years K-Lath® has produced welded wire and paper-backed reinforcing products for the stucco industry. Indeed the name "K-Lath®" has become a generic term for describing proper stucco reinforcing. K-Lath® manufactures products in California for shipment across the United States and Canada. K-Lath® Netting has an unique redline furring makes it easy to install.

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K Lath® 17 ga Woven Wire

K Lath® SF and SFB 17 ga woven wire is a galvanized wire lath for the reinforcement of stucco, masonry and cultured stone applications.

  • 1-1/2" hexagonal opening formed with a reverse twist for superior strength
  • Non Furred - Self Furred 1/4" - Deep Furred 3/8"
  • Rigid furring ensures proper embedment (SF and DF)
  • Redline fastening guideline specially red coated wire woven into lath to ensure quick, easy and correct fastener placement
  • Available in SFB paperback for quick installation: Grade D - 60 Minutes
  • Made in the USA

K-Lath® has a complete line of corners and accessories to complete the stucco project.(see Kwik-Corner accessories)


Available In: SF- 50 sq yd roll and SFB -paper backed - 33 sq yd roll
Available Coatings: Class 1 galvanized wire for superior corrosion protection
Sizes: 1-1/2" x 17 ga
Category: Woven Wire
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K-LATH® 20 gauge Woven Wire

K-LATH® 1" x 20 gauge woven wire for reinforcement of 3/8" Modified Portland Cement based plaster.

  • 1" Hexagonal opening formed with a reverse twist for superior strength
  • Redline fastening guideline  - Specially red coated wire woven into lath to ensure quick, easy and correct fastener placement
  • Furred every 6" horizontally

K-LATH® Kwik Corner accessories make the finishing easy.  Check our the accessories area of the website for mor details.

Available In: Rolls
Available Coatings: Galvanized wire for corrosion protection
Sizes: 1" x 20 gauge
Category: Woven Wire
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K-Lath® Furring Nails

K-Lath® Furring nails are designed for quick fastening of K-Lath Wire. Nails are galvanized, low-carbon steel nail. that has a flat head and a diamond point  A washer or spacer on the shank provides for the fastening of the wire lath, spacing it from the nailing member. This allows for easy plaster adhesion to the walls and woven or lath wire. 

Available In: 5000 count carton
Available Coatings: Galvanized with paper wadding washer
Sizes: 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" x 11 gauge 7/8' Flat head
Category: Corners and Accessories
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K-Lath® Kwik Stucco Corner

K-Lath® Kwik Corner provides the perfect finish for plaster to ensure that walls look square and plumb. Kwik-Corner can be used in conjunction with K-Lath® Woven Wire and Stucco-Rite® welded wire installations. For the perfect finish to any project!

Available in:

Straight Corner - 90 degree right angle

Short Flange - for use around doors and windows

Bull Nose - for radius corners

One Coat - stays tight to the corner

KwikArch - with a flexible leg

Optional KwikTrack double wire assembly for easy attachment with nails or screws

Galvanized wire assemblies Class 1 standard

Optional Class 3 galvanized for exceptional corrosion protection

Optional PVC Nose for corrosive environments


Available In: 25 & 40 pieces per carton
Available Coatings: Class 1 or Class 3 galvanized unless otherwise specified
Sizes: Available in 10' lengths
Category: Corners and Accessories
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K-LATH® Stucco-Rite Welded Wire Lath

K-LATH® Stucco-Rite is a 16 gauge 2" x 2" welded wire lath for reinforcement of Stucco, Masonry, and Cultured Stone. Excellent alternative to 3.4 Metal Lath.

  • Rigid 1/4" Furring for consistent, proper embedment
  • Redline Fastening Guideline printing on suction paper to ensure quick, easy and correct fastener placement
  • Optional KwikTrack double wire for easy attachment with fasteners
  • Paper backed for quick installation: Grade D - 60 Minute
  • Stucco-RiteHD- Includes stiffening wires for heavier loads and wider stud spacing
  • Easy Installation


Available In: Easy to handle and install sheets (28" or 38" wide x 100")
Available Coatings: Class 1 Galvanized wire for superior corrosion protection
Sizes: 2" x 2" -16 ga
Category: Welded Wire
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K-Lath® Tile Mesh

Tree Island Steel K-Lath® Tile Mesh provides structural reinforcement backing for the installation of tile, stone and brick fascias. As a reinforcement for plaster on exterior walls, interior floors, countertops and "wet areas" behind ceramic tile, K-Lath® Tile Mesh is the right product for your project.


  • 2" x 2" - 16/16 gauge galvanized welded wire with 1/4" or 1/2" deep furring 6" O.C.
  • CTI tested reinforcement for Portland Cement mortar.
  • CTI tested for interior floor sound rated systems (see CTI R5113 - 79)


  • Complies with ASTM, C933, C1063, and IBC Federal Specifications QQ - L - 101c
Available In: Sheets with 1/4" furring or 1/2" furring. Rolls 48" x 112' and 54" x 100'
Available Coatings: Galvanized
Sizes: 1/4" furring, sized 28" x 100" or 38" x 100". 1/2" furring, sized 28" x 100" or 38" x 100".
Category: Welded Wire