Tree Island Steel ToughStrand® fencing products have been a mainstay on ranches, farms and homes as well along the highways of our country.  Manufactured to exacting standards,ToughStrand® fencing products meet and exceed ASTM standards.

Barbed Wire 1 Copy

Barbed Wire

Designed to provide superior corrosion resistance and durability, ToughStrand® barbed wire survives the most demanding ranch conditions. Sturdy cables of galvanized steel are carefully stranded to stretch taut for strong confinement. Sharp barbs are evenly spaced and tightly fastened to strand wires. Barbed wire is available in eighty rod spools (1320’) on easy to handle wooden reels.

Steel reels available on request

ToughStrand® barbless wire is also available.

Available In: 27 reels per pallet
Available Coatings: Commercial, Class 1 and Class 3 galvanizing
Sizes: 12-½ ga galvanized and 15-½ ga high tensile - Class 3
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Barbless Wire

Twisted barbless cable for farm applications. Tree Island Steel barbless wire is used for fencing or a putting tension wire to other wire fencing. Designed to contain animals that do not need the prompting of barbed fence.  Barbless fence wire meets all ASTM A641 standards.

  • Easy to install.
  • Adaptable for all fencing terrain.
  • Tough, dependable, resistant to livestack damage


Available In: 32 or 48 rolls per pallet
Available Coatings: Commercial, Class 1, or Class 3 galvanizing
Sizes: 12.5 Ga
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Electric Fence Wire

Ideal for adding extra security to existing conditions or for creating low cost temporary fencing and grazing enclosures. Galvanized to inhibit rust, it is available in 14, 16, and 17 ga on handy dispensing metal spools in 1320 foot length.  17 ga also available in 2680 foot length spools.

Available In: Sold in carton quantities only. 54 cartons per pallet
Available Coatings: Class 1 galvanized coating.
Sizes: 14, 16, and 17 ga
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Farm & Field Fence

ToughStrand® galvanized woven field fence is perfect for enclosing corrals and pastures. Featuring flexing hinge joints, ToughStrand® Field Fence  conforms to the landscape and minimizes damage caused by livestock and weather. Strong enough to withstand abuse from livestock and falling tree limbs.

Standard – 10 ga top and bottom wires with 12-½ ga filler. 

High tensile – 12-½ ga top and bottom wires with 14-1/2 ga filler. Made of strong steel, high tensile provides the same strength as standard fence with lighter gauge wire.

Made in North America

Available In: Rolls (9 & 16 Rolls per pallet)
Available Coatings: Galvanized commercial, Class 1, and Class 3 (ASTM A116)
Sizes: Rolls are available in a variety of heights from 26” to 55” with 6” or 12” spacing. TOUGHSTRAND farm and ranch fence comes in 20 rod rolls (330’).
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Fence Accessories

Tree Island provides a complete line of fencing and accessories that will help get the job done. Accessories include T-Posts, Fencing Staples and Rebar Tie Wire.

All fencing is located under the ToughStrand Brand

Available Coatings: Tree Island fence accessories come in a variety of coatings, and the most popular choices in the industry
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Fence Stays

Galvanized Wire Fence Stays for  Barbed Wire fencing support


Save money on your installation while keeping fence shape and wire spacing.
Adds to fence resistance and security.
Meets oe exceeds ASTM-A 641

Available in 36", 42" and 48" lengths

9 ga

Available In: 36", 42" and 48" lengths
Available Coatings: Galvanized
Sizes: 9 ga
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Fixed Knot Game & Cattle Fence

Game & Cattle fence is a high-tensile fence with a fixed knot, which holds the vertical stay wires securely in place.  The vertical stay wire are continuous length strands (unlike Farm Field fence), which gives a much greater strength. Easy to install.  Ideal for farms, highway and ranch installations. Galvanized to resist weathering as well as extend wear.  The Class 3 galvanized coating can last up to 25 years.

The line wires are available in a variety of spacing options, including narrow spaces close to the ground for smaller animals.

Product meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A116.

Available In: Rolls (loose, modules or palletized)
Available Coatings: Class 3 galvanized coating
Sizes: Rolls range in height from 35” to 96” and the rolls are 20 rod (330’) or 40 rod (660’) in length.
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Garden Fence

Easy to work with, this lightweight welded fence is perfect for enclosing gardens.  Variable spacing design keeps the smallest of animals away from plants. Ideal for tomato cages as the fruit is easily accessible through the larger gaps in the upper mesh.

Available In: 25 rolls per pallet
Available Coatings: Class 3 galvanized coating.
Sizes: 35”x50’ rolls.
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High-Tensile Fence Wire

Easy to string and handle. Save considerable time and money with this low cost fencing alternative. Suitable for use as permanent electrical or non-electrical fence. High elasticity and high breaking strength practically eliminate damage done by livestock, falling objects and temperature changes. Meets or exceeds ASTM A854. Strength grade available 140, 180 or 200.

Available In: 32 wooden reels per pallet
Available Coatings: Class 3 galvanized coating.
Sizes: Available in 12-½ gauge galvanized Class 3 on wooden reels: 50 lb and 100 lb coils.
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Hog and Livestock Panels

Tree Island Steel welded wire hog and livestock panels are designed to handle the roughest ranching conditions. Panels are manufactured using the galvanized before welding process that provides a smooth finish for each line wire, eliminating sharp burrs which may injure the animals. Tough and sturdy to withstand a livestock's weight when they lean against or ram the fence. For use for cattle, swine, sheep, goats, or horses.

Hog Panel:  34" x 16'

Combo Panel:  52" x 16'

Cattle Panel:  50" x 16'

Available In: 4 ga welded wire rolls
Available Coatings: Galvanized
Sizes: Hog Panel Galvanized 34" x 16' 50/pallet - 33 lbs , Combo Panel Galvanized 52" x 16' 50/pallet - 42 lbs, Cattle Panel 50" x 16' 50/pallet - 34 lbs
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Horse Fence

ToughStrand® Horse fencing is very strong and easy to use. The 2”X4” non-climbing wire pattern comes in several different heights and prevents horses’ hooves from stepping through the fence. The special ‘knots’ that hold the wires together are smooth and will not cut the animals if they rub against the fence. The Class 1 zinc coating and the square knots holding the wire together combine for great longevity and ease of installation over uneven land. Tree Island horse fence will keep the horses in the paddock and other animals out.


Available In: 100' lengths- 9 per pallet. 200' lengths - 4 per pallet
Available Coatings: Class1 galvanized coating.
Sizes: Available in sizes 48" to 72" and 100' and 200' lengths
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Lawn Fence

Toughstrand® durable crimped welded fence is suitable as permanent boundary fencing in nearly any application. An extra-heavy coating of zinc (Class 3) protects this sturdy fence from corrosion over the long term. Scientifically designed tension curves prevent the fence from sagging and help drain moisture.

Available In: Rolls (9 & 16 per pallet)
Available Coatings: Class 3 galvanized coating.
Sizes: Constructed from 12-½ gauge wire, the lawn fence is available in heights from 36" - 72" and in 50' and 100' lengths
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Merchant Wire Coils

Soft and flexible, it is ideal for all purpose tying marterials around the farm and home.

Available In: Sold in individual coils
Available Coatings: Class III galvanized coating.
Sizes: Available in 9 to 17-½ ga, annealed or galvanized. Merchant wire is produced in 10, 50 and 100 lb coils
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Utility Fabric & Panels

Economical multi-use welded galvanized fencing is suitable for a variety of farm and home applications. Common uses include pet enclosures, fences, tree guards, cages, shade panels, and machine and window guards.  Wire can be easily cut, bent and fabricated to meet exacting needs.

Available In: Rolls (9 & 16 Rolls per pallet depending on wire gauge)
Available Coatings: Available in commercial coating and Class 3 galvanized coating
Sizes: Utility fabric heights range from 12” to 72” with several different openings available. Special mesh sizes can be produced to order.
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Vineyard Wire

Tree Island Steel vineyard wire is a quality high tensile, smooth steel wire with a galvanized zinc coating for rust resistance. Perfect for long lasting vineyard and trellis applications.

Tree Island Steel high tensile vineyard wire is packaged for easy installation and it will stand up to the heavy weight prior to harvesting.

Manufactured to meet high tensile specifications, Tree Island Steel vineyard wire is designed exclusively for trellising grapes, raspberries, and other fruit. Ideally suited for mechanical harvesting.

Vineyard galvanized wire (Commercial or Class 3) is available in a variety of gauges and tensile.


Available In: Coils, Wrap Pack, Stands
Available Coatings: Commercial, Class 1, and Class 3 Zinc
Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12-1/2 13, & 14 ga
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