Farm & Field Fence - Hinge Knot

ToughStrand® galvanized woven field fence is perfect for enclosing corrals and pastures. Featuring flexing hinge joints, ToughStrand® field fence conforms to the landscape and minimizes damage caused by livestock and weather. Strong enough to withstand abuse from livestock and falling tree limbs.

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Farm & Field Fence - Square Knot

For a more robust farm and field fence, square knot fencing offers added stability and flexibility compared to the traditional hinged joint product. It conforms to the landscape and is strong enough to withstand abuse from livestock, cattle and falling tree limbs.

This fence is available in 14 gauge and 12½ gauge wire sizes, and features graduated horizontal spacing for various livestock and wildlife. Galvanized and flexible for easy installation over uneven land. Meets ASTM A116.

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Garden Fence

Easy to work with, this lightweight welded fence is perfect for enclosing gardens.  Variable spacing design keeps the smallest of animals away from plants. Ideal for tomato cages as the fruit is easily accessible through the larger gaps in the upper mesh.

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Horse Fence - Square Knot

ToughStrand® Horse fencing is very strong and easy to use. The 2”x4” non-climbing wire pattern comes in several different heights and prevents horses’ hooves from stepping through the fence. The special ‘knots’ that hold the wires together are smooth and will not cut the animals if they rub against the fence. The Class 1 zinc coating and the square knots holding the wire together combine for great longevity and ease of installation over uneven land. Tree Island Steel horse fence will keep the horses in the paddock and other animals out.


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Lawn Fence

Toughstrand® durable crimped welded fence is suitable as permanent boundary fencing in nearly any application. An extra-heavy coating of zinc (Class 3) protects this sturdy fence from corrosion over the long term. Scientifically designed tension curves prevent the fence from sagging and help drain moisture.

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Livestock & Game Fence - Fixed Knot

Livestock & game fence is a high-tensile fence with a fixed knot, which holds the vertical stay wires securely in place.  The vertical stay wire are continuous length strands, which gives a much greater strength. Easy to install.  Ideal for farms, highway and ranch installations. Galvanized to resist weathering as well as extend wear.  The line wires are available in a variety of spacing options, including narrow spaces close to the ground for smaller animals.

Product meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A116.

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Sheep & Goat Fence - Square Knot

The 4" x 4" wire spacing prevents sheep and goats from putting their heads through the wires and getting stuck in the fence.

Features Class 1 zinc coating to provide strength and weather protection, and square knots for stability and flexibility for ease of installation over uneven land.

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Utility Fencing

Economical multi-use welded galvanized fencing is suitable for a variety of farm and home applications. Common uses include pet enclosures, fences, tree guards, cages, shade panels, and machine and window guards.  Wire can be easily cut, bent and fabricated to meet exacting needs.

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