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Farm & Field Fence

ToughStrand® galvanized woven field fence is perfect for enclosing corrals and pastures. Featuring flexing hinge joints, ToughStrand® Field Fence  conforms to the landscape and minimizes damage caused by livestock and weather. Strong enough to withstand abuse from livestock and falling tree limbs.

Standard – 10 ga top and bottom wires with 12-½ ga filler. 

High tensile – 12-½ ga top and bottom wires with 14-1/2 ga filler. Made of strong steel, high tensile provides the same strength as standard fence with lighter gauge wire.

Made in North America

Available In: Rolls (9 & 16 Rolls per pallet)
Available Coatings: Galvanized commercial, Class 1, and Class 3 (ASTM A116)
Sizes: Rolls are available in a variety of heights from 26” to 55” with 6” or 12” spacing. TOUGHSTRAND farm and ranch fence comes in 20 rod rolls (330’).
Category: Agricultural Fencing