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Barbed Wire

Designed to provide superior corrosion resistance and durability, ToughStrand® barbed wire survives the most demanding ranch conditions. Sturdy cables of galvanized steel are carefully stranded to stretch taut for strong confinement. Sharp barbs are evenly spaced and tightly fastened to strand wires. ToughStrand® barbless wire is also available.

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Barbless Wire

Twisted barbless cable for farm applications. Tree Island Steel barbless wire is used for fencing or a putting tension wire to other wire fencing. Designed to contain animals that do not need the prompting of barbed fence.  Barbless fence wire meets all ASTM A641 standards.

  • Easy to install
  • Adaptable for all fencing terrain
  • Tough, dependable, resistant to livestock damage


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Electric Fence Wire

Ideal for adding extra security to existing conditions or for creating low cost temporary fencing and grazing enclosures.

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High-Tensile Fence Wire

Easy to string and handle. Save considerable time and money with this low cost fencing alternative. Suitable for use as permanent electrical or non-electrical fence. High elasticity and high breaking strength practically eliminate damage done by livestock, falling objects and temperature changes. Meets or exceeds ASTM A854.

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Merchant Wire

Soft and flexible, it is ideal for all purpose tying marterials around the farm and home.

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Vineyard Wire

Tree Island Steel vineyard wire is a high-quality, high-tensile smooth steel wire with a galvanized zinc coating for rust resistance. Perfect for long lasting vineyard and trellis applications. Tree Island Steel high tensile vineyard wire is packaged for easy installation and it will stand up to the heavy weight prior to harvesting.  Manufactured to meet high tensile specifications, Tree Island Steel vineyard wire is designed exclusively for trellising grapes, raspberries, and other fruit. Ideally suited for mechanical harvesting.

Available in a variety of gauges and tensile.


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