Simply the best gun nails in the world. The Halsteel® brand has been a leader in quality gun nails for the construction industry for decades.  Available in paper tape and plastic strip, the Halsteel® brand meets all ASTM standards. Made in the USA.
K-LATH® is the leader in reinforcement for stucco walls and cladding. Since 1944, K-LATH® has produced welded wire and paper-backed reinforcing products for the stucco industry. Indeed the name "K-LATH®" has become a generic term for describing proper stucco reinforcing. K-LATH® manufactures products in California for shipment across the United States and Canada. K-LATH® Stucco netting has an unique redline furring makes it easy to install. Made in the USA. 
Welded wire mesh sheets provide superior rigidity. K-Lath® Stucco-Rite is designed to achieve maximum rigidity. Our double-wire product offers even greater stiffness for use in 24” on-center construction. All Stucco-Rite® products provide a uniform plane on which to install the plaster. K- Lath® Stucco-Rite is designed with an open lug, reducing costly installation time for the installer and to eliminate an unwanted cold joint. 
ToughPanel® fencing panels are manufactured from the tough, durable steel you have come to expect from our products.  Our flush-cut, low-maintenance panels provide excellent visibility and durability.    Our livestock panels are designed to withstand the abuse inflicted by penned animals. The line wires have variable spacing to confine both large and small animals.    The ToughPanel® 4” x 4” powder-coated fence panels are easy to install for use in residential or agricultural fencing, in lattice or trellis applications.
Tree Island Steel’s ToughStrand® agricultural fencing is strong, durable and designed with the needs of the professional rancher and farmer in mind.  The ToughStrand® brand is built on the exceptional reputation that Tree Island Steel has built over 50 years as a leading manufacturer of wire and wire products in North America.
Tree Island Steel® is the premier North American brand for wire and wire products. Since 1964, Tree Island Steel® has a been a major brand in the building materials and hardware industry. The brand is synonymous with quality and value. From nails and fasteners to the best in wire products on the market, our extensive product offering provides solutions to meet all of our customer's needs.  
Build with confidence.  The TrueSpec® nail identification system is widely recognized as THE brand for contractors and builders. TrueSpec® improves job site communication and insures that the correct fastener is used, reducing confusion and risk. Inspectors can easily confirm that the correct fastener has been employed. Contractors can quickly order the correct fastener and communicate the proper application to their crew. Engineers, builders and specifiers can clearly and easily define the correct fastener. Made by Halsteel in the USA.