Concrete Reinforcement Copy

Concrete Reinforcing Wire

Wire Coils

Concrete Reinforcing wire is a premium reinforcing material for all concrete projects. Made from low-carbon steel that meets ASTM A1064 standards.

  • Available on wire carriers or in strapped coils with maximum package weights of 6,000 lbs.
  • Packaging: Tubular carriers, compact coils or bundles of straight and cut pieces
  • Smooth or deformed wire
  • D2.5 to D20

Pencil Rod

Tree Island Steel produces plain and deformed reinforcing rod for the construction industry.

  • Available in lengths from 10" to 50'
  • Common Grades 1006-1020
  • 0.125" to 0.628"
Available Coatings: Bright, Galvanized
Sizes: Assorted
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Engineered Structural Mesh Copy

Engineered Structural Mesh

Tree Island Steel produces Engineered Structural Mesh (ESM) for concrete reinforcement for the construction and pre-cast industries.  Our customized reinforcing solutions will save installation time by eliminating the need to tie rebar lengths, while meeting all building code requirements.

Applications for Engineered Structural Mesh include: precast wall panels, bridge girders (top mesh, web mesh, bulb mesh, duct mesh), utility vaults, box culverts, stadium bleachers, median barriers, double-tee leg girders, retaining walls and more.

Tree Island Steel’s ESM is made to ASTM A1064 specifications.

  • Available in grade 70 (70 ksi/480 MPa) – other grades available upon request
  • Sheet widths range from 2’ to 12’ and in lengths up to 42’
  • Produced using either smooth or deformed wire
  • Wire sizes:
    • 0.171” (W2.3) to 0.500” (W20)
    • 4.4 mm (MW14.9) to 12.8 mm (MW129)
  • Variable longitudinal wire diameters
  • Variable longitudinal and transverse spacings
  • Bending of sheets available upon request
Available In: Grade 80 (80 ksi/550 MPa) – other grades available upon request
Sizes: Sheet widths range from 2’ to 12’ and in lengths up to 42’
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Pipemesh and Flexicage

Tree Island Steel Pipemesh and Flexicage mesh products are available for all standard pipe formats.  Flexicage allows the formation of  the bell to be flared to your exact dimensions.

Pipemesh comes in rolls up to 600' (182.88m)

Box culvert mesh is also available in rolls and a variety of flat sheet configurations.

All Pipe Mesh conforms to the ASTM A1064 standards.

Pipe Wrap available on request.

Available Coatings: Galvanized and bright
Sizes: 2"x 4" x 5' X 200' and 2"x 4" x 30" x 500' roll (Plain)
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Rebar Tie Wire

Tree Island Steel rebar tie wire is a fully annealed wire for use in the construction industry, and is uniformly coiled and packaged to fit standard tie wire reels. Tree Island Steel's annealing process produces a soft wire, giving it the flexibility that is necessary for quick tying.  Coils have cores to allow pay-off without slippage. 

Available in 15, 16, and 16.5 ga black annealed and 16 ga PVC coated rebar tie wire.

Available In: 16 coils per box or 20 coils per box for the U.S. markets
Sizes: 15, 16 and 16.5 ga black annealed, 16 ga PVC coated
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Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR)

Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR)

Tree Island Steel produces quality Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR), in sheets and rolls, for the construction and pre-cast industries. Wire reinforcement or wire fabric is an efficient, economical and viable option for concrete reinforcement.

Save time and money using Welded Wire Reinforcement over standard rebar methods.

Wires are welded in a mat so that wires do not move when concrete is placed, ensuring the wires are in their proper position

Sheets are designed to fit most reinforcing applications

The optimum reinforcement is provided through the use of variable wire sizes and spacing

Available in rolls and sheets

Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR) provides the exact size of reinforcement where needed through variable bar size and spacing, thereby reducing steel waste.

Welded Wire Reinforcement can be used for:

  • Slab on Grade reinforcement
  • Floor and Walls Systems
  • Topping Slabs
  • Architectural precast wall panels
  • Tilt-up construction wall systems
  • Shear walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (M.S.E.) reinforcement

All Tree Island Steel welded wire reinforcement is manufactured to strict industry standards and complies with ASTM A1064.

For more information, contact a Tree Island Sales representative or see the WRI website at  or WRI at

How to Specify, Order & Use Welded Wire Reinforcement in Residential & Light Commercial Construction Information

Tree Island Steel is a proud member of the Wire Reinforcement Institute (WRI)

Available In: Assorted standard and specialty size sheets, rolls and mats, construction fabric sheets and construction fabric rolls
Available Coatings: Bright and Galvanized
Sizes: Construction fabric sheets various lengths & widths, (upon request) Standard 4" and 6" aperture with standard gauge wire and 6" x 6" construction fabric rolls
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