Concrete Reinforcing Wire Copy

Concrete Reinforcing Wire

Wire Coils

Concrete Reinforcing wire is a premium reinforcing material for all concrete projects. Made form low carbon steel that exceeds the ASTM A1064 standard.

  • Standard 3,500 lb coils – up to 5,500 lb.
  • Also available in 2,000 lb carriers
  • Smooth or deformed wire
  • Common Grades 1006 to 1020
  • 0.125" to 1" wire diameters available

Pencil Rod

Tree Island Steel produces plain and deformed reinforcing rod for the construction industry.

  • Available in lengths from 10" to 50'
  • Common Grades 1006-1020
  • 0.125" to 0.628"
Available Coatings: Bright, Galvanized
Sizes: Assorted
Category: Concrete Reinforcing Wire