K-Lath: The leader in reinforcement for stucco walls and cladding

K-Lath: Leading the way in stucco reinforcement for over 65 years.

Established in 1944 K-Lath has produced rolled, welded, and paper-backed wire reinforcing products for stucco. Always trusted for its superior performance "K-Lath" is recognized in then industry for its quality, consistency and ease of installation. K-Lath and its welded wire partner Stucco-Rite gives you a full offering of options to complete any project.

Builders demand efficiency when they select their products. Check out K-Lath’s redline wire that gives you the consistent spacing you need when fastening, and consider Stucco-Rite’s “one pass” method for installing with its paper backed welded wire sheet that’s ready to go.

K-LATH CORNER  - “Kwik Corner” is unmatched when it comes to the necessity for straight and plumb you need to achieve. Available in Standard, Bull Nose, Arch and for superior resistance from the elements that corners fall victim to our “Class 3” corner exceeds ASTM standards by delivering 3 times more galvanization.