The Right Nail - TrueSpec Head Identification for Collated Nails

Choosing the right nail is an essential part of any construction project. How do you ensure that you're using the right nail? TrueSpec will help you do just that. Let us explain how. 

What is True Spec, and why is it important to your building?

TrueSpec is a head ID gun nail system that ensures the right nail is used in wood construction.

Each nail is stamped on the head with a designated number/letter and colored it as well so that the diameter and length can now be identified even after the nail has been driven into the material.

Why is it important to your building?

It is the best way to ensure that your building’s fasteners have all been correctly applied at the intended location(s). Incorrectly placed a fasteners create the possibility of decreased load values which create a poorly performing structural system, and can be harmful to the buildings integrity.

Does it meet code and load requirements?

All TrueSpec nails meets all ASTM standards and International Building Code requirements. TrueSpec is ICC certified (ESR 1768), and in Los Angeles, an intense seismic zone, True Spec is supported by LARR report # 25895.

Does TrueSpec offer sizes in a Hot Dipped Galvanized coating?

Yes. TrueSpec  meets ASTM A 153 which is the standard for a Class D and requires that a minimum coating of 1.0oz per sq ft of zinc. TrueSpec consistently treats it’s nails with  zinc levels beyond the standard giving ‘true’ higher level of corrosion protection than most others.

TrueSpec Hot Dip Galvanized nails (Zincgard™) are not a painted nail .  The weight of coat on a ZincGard™ nail is significantly greater than a nail made from galvanized wire, and the process ensures the heads, shank and point are fully protected.

Each nail is embossed with an alpha character (to indicate length), and a number (indicating diameter), same as the bright nails.

Why True Spec?

True Spec Coded Nail identification system delivers a simple and easy system  to meet building codes and ensures the proper fastener is used in all structural applications by color coding and number systems.  True Spec is a designed for inspectors, engineers and architects to identify the nail used after installation into framing and wood structures.

The TrueSpec Head Identification system allows contractors and builders to build with confidence! TrueSpec is the only collated nail with the head stamped and colored ensuring the correct nail is used for intended application ensuring structural integrity.

TrueSpec Nail Identification system improves job site communication and insures that the correct fastener is used, reducing confusion and risk. Inspectors can quickly confirm that the correct fastener has been employed. Contractors can quickly order the correct fastener and communicate the proper application to their crew. Engineers, builders and specifiers can clearly and easily define the correct fastener. All TrueSpec nails are shipped in an “Easy Carry” re-closable carton (patented Tree Island design), clearly labeled (English/Spanish) and closed with a plastic strap (band) for easy handling.

Eliminate 'wrong nail' issues and increase efficiency. Specify, build and inspect knowing the 'right nail' was used. Nails are available in Plastic Strip or Paper Tape in Common, Box, Ring, Screw or Teco (Hardware).