The Straight Goods on Nails

The straight goods on nails.....


Have you ever spent more time pulling bent nails than driving them?  That is the case with many sub standard fasteners in the market today.  Tree Island Steel produces nails domestically under strict quality controls that ensure Tree Island Nails  exceed the users expectations.

“I swear by Tree Island Nails, states Doug McRae, home owner and handyman  “ I have tried others and found not only was I using more nails for the job , I was frustrated with the time lost in pulling and replacing sub standard nails.

Tree Island Steel manufacturers over 400 types of nails from small finish nails to the best spikes in the industry.   All made in North America .  The nails are available in Bright, Phosphate, Electro Galvanized and Hot Dipped Galvanized .  the latter recommended for ACQ pressure treated wood applications.

Tree Island, through the Halsteel and TrueSpec brands , also produce a complete line of collated nails.  these nails are availble in Paper Tape or Plastic Strip in the US market.

All Tree Island Nails meet or exceed ASTM standards and meet building code requirements.

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