There is a Difference

A nail is a nail, right!  Not always.  Some nails bend easily due to poor manufacturing processes and quality control.  Tree Island Steel nails meet or exceed all ASTM standards and follow the  ISO 9001 quality process.  This means the nails you get from Tree Island Steel are the best nails made.  Just ask our customers.

In a recent test we conducted on the galvanized coating, we found our competitor’s coating to flake, crack and fall apart..  The result is an inferior coating on the nail compared to Tree Island Steel ZincGard® coating which did not break, crack or flake when bent. 

Tree Island Steel ZincGard® hot dipped galvanized nails have an extremely durable coating, and will resist rust even if a portion of the finish is damaged, unlike coatings such as paint or electroplating. Tree Island Steel nails with ZincGard® hot dipped galvanized coatings provide cost effective protection and long life in most corrosive environments, including ACQ pressure treated lumber.

Ask about Tree Island Steel Nails and how our nails can save you time and money on your next project