TrueSpec® now offers "Ring Shank Hot Dipped Galvanized Nail"

July 23, 2014

TrueSpec®, Tree Island’s collated nail head ID system, has added ring shank, hot dipped galvanized nails to further compliment their already expansive line.

The Tree Island zinc coating process covers the head and shank uniformly, thus providing added protection for resisting rust and corrosion.

TrueSpec® is known for its easy to use nail head identification system. The head is stamped to indicate the length and diameter of nail after the nail has been employed. This ensures the right nail is used on your project.  For all ZincGard® hot dipped galvanized nails, TrueSpec® uses an alphanumeric character on the head to avoid the visibility of color exposure on exterior applications.  Heads on bright finishes have a colour code as well and the head stamp identification.

For more information contact your Tree Island Sales Representative or visit the Tree Island Steel website at www.