What is Fixed Knot Fencing?

When it comes to farms, highways, and ranch fencing, the more stable and easy it is to install a woven wire fence, the better!  Tree Island Steel ToughStrand® Fixed Knot fence is designed to last over a traditional farm and field fence.

Traditional field fences use a hinged joint knot to join the vertical and horizontal line wires and that can cause the knot to slide. A fixed knot provides a separate piece of wire to lock together vertical stays to line wire, increasing the strength of the fence.  This also allows for wider spacing between posts, thus requiring fewer posts.

Toughstrand® Fixed Knot fence does not sag and is flexible when animals lean on it.  A fixed knot fence will not break under heavy pressure, unless the wire itself breaks.  This will save time and money on maintenance of the fence.

Tree Island Steel Toughstrand® Fixed knot fencing is available in a variety of sizes and spacing.  The wire is covered with a tough layer of galvanizing and is available in Commercial, Class 1, and Class 3 zinc.

Whether you aim to keep animals in or out of your area, ToughStrand® Fixed Knot fence is the answer to your fencing needs.