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The Right Nail - TrueSpec Head Identification for Collated Nails

Choosing the right nail is an essential part of any construction project. How do you ensure that you're using the right nail? TrueSpec will help you do just that. Let us explain how. 

What is True Spec, and why is it important to your building?

TrueSpec is a head ID gun nail system that ensures the right nail is used in wood...

Company Spotlight
May 26, 2014


Add rocket fuel to your plans to change and improve your business. Hear about the latest advancements from your business transformation and operations research peers. Learn about the power of analytics for accelerating transformations. Tree Island Steel and the UBC Centre for Operations Excellence are hosting a one-day conference for business...

Company Spotlight
Jul 25, 2014

All coatings are not the same

ZincGard® Hot Dipped Galvanized nails

Tree Island Steel manufactures over 400 types of nails and finishes to meet all types of exposure and climate conditions. Our ZincGard® Hot Dipped Galvanized nails are made with an extremely durable zinc coating that resists rust even when a portion of the finish is damaged,...

Company Spotlight
Oct 14, 2014

It's not right unless it is Stucco-Rite®

For over 60 years, K-Lath® has been a staple in the installation of the Stucco. K-Lath® Stucco-Rite® is fully compliant with the National Building Code of Canada (2005) 9.28.4.  Stucco-Rite® is an alternative to Expanded metal lath and provide for easy installtion....

Company Spotlight
Dec 1, 2014

There is a Difference

A nail is a nail, right!  Not always.  Some nails bend easily due to poor manufacturing processes and quality control.  Tree Island Steel nails meet or exceed all ASTM standards and follow the  ISO 9001 quality process.  This means the nails you get from Tree Island Steel are the best nails made.  Just ask our customers.

In a recent test...

Company Spotlight
Feb 2, 2015

What is Fixed Knot Fencing?

When it comes to farms, highways, and ranch fencing, the more stable and easy it is to install a woven wire fence, the better!  Tree Island Steel ToughStrand® Fixed Knot fence is designed to last over a traditional farm and field fence.

Traditional field fences use a hinged joint knot to join the vertical and horizontal line...

Company Spotlight
Mar 9, 2015

What fasteners work with ACQ?

Pressure treated lumber is treated with Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ), an environmentally friendly water-based preservative that is free of arsenic and chromium. However, ACQ treated lumber is more corrosive to metal, so the right fastener is key to a safe, long lasting deck, fence or other outdoor project.    

When nails are exposed...

Company Spotlight
Jul 7, 2015