Bar / Straight & Cut

Tree Island Steel carbon steel straight and cut wire can be cut in lengths from 12" to 40'.  Used in various commercial or agricultural applications such as ceiling hanger wire and ground support steaks. Available in galvanized or bright wire.

Available In: Packaged in boxes
Sizes: 0.25” to 1” diameter with lengths from 12" to 20'
Category: Industrial Copy

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Wire

Tree Island Steel chain link wire is manufactured to ASTM and CSA specifications in all grades and types for the weaving of chain link fencing.  Tree Island Steel galvanized chain link wire is designed to save minimize downtime and increase your production time in the manufacturing process.

Made in North America.  ISO 9001 Certified quality process.

Tree Island Steel produces both galvanized wire as well as PVC coated wire in black, green, brown, and white.

All Tree Island Steel chain link wire is made to meet or exceed ASTM A 817, ASTM A 392, ASTM A3 70, AASHTO M1 81 and ASTM A90 standards.


Available In: Carriers and in standard and blue wrap pack coils. (1000 Kg)
Available Coatings: Commercial, Class 1, Class 3, Class 4, and 2 ounce galvanized
Sizes: Diameters from 0.092 inches - 0.192 inches. Tensile Ranges: 60-75 ksi & 75-95 ksi
Category: Chain Link Wire Copy

High Carbon Pulp Baling and Unitizing Wire

Tree Island Steel pulp baling and unitizing wire is manufactured to rigorous standards to ensure compliance with all international marine cargo and transportation regulations. This specially engineered round wire strapping has been designed to work with all industry standard tying equipment.

Available In: Compacts, carriers, and wrap pack.
Available Coatings: Galvanized
Sizes: Contact your sales representative.
Category: Pulp and Unitizing Wire Copy

High Carbon Recycling Wire

Tree Island high carbon recycling wire is used to bundle recycling products such as paper, plastic and cardboard at recycling plants throughout North America.

Our recycling wire is available in a wide variety of gauges and packaging to meet our customer needs.

Available In: Stands and boxes.
Available Coatings: Available in Bright, Black annealed or Galvanized.
Sizes: Contact a sales rep for specifications.
Category: Waste Wire Copy

High Carbon Upholstery Spring Wire

Tree Island Steel high carbon upholstery spring wire is unmatched in terms of quality and technical innovation. Our manufacturing focus creates a spring wire which has an absolute minimum of variation specific diameter, tensile strength and finish.  Our highly qualified technical service team is dedicated to help you match the correct spring wire to the requirements of your manufacturing process and finished product.

Our spring wire is used by the best mattress and upholstered furniture manufacturers in North America.  Contact our Industrial Sales team for details.

Available In: Wire carriers
Available Coatings: Bright finish
Sizes: 0.051 inches to 0.120 inches
Category: Upholstery Wire Copy

Low Carbon Bright Wire

Tree Island Steel low carbon bright wire can be used in a number of applications: from coat hangers to display stands. Tree Island Steel wire is precision drawn to exacting tolerances of 0.001 inch diameter.

Available In: Industrial wire carriers or jumbo stands
Available Coatings: Bright
Sizes: 0.041 inches to 0.505 inches
Category: Low Carbon Wire Copy

Low Carbon Galvanized Wire

Tree Island Steel low carbon galvanized wire is chemically bonded with a protective zinc coating to the underlying steel wire.  Our process provides a product that is consistently and uniformly coated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Galvanized wire is designed for butt welding, moderate forming or fabricating and, when specified, spot welding. Galvanizing extends the useful life of exposed wire by up to 10 times. Tree Island Steel galvanized wire is tailored to meet a wide variety of specific customer requirements.

Made in North America

Available In: Compacts, Industrial Carriers
Available Coatings: Commercial, Class 1, and Class 3 galvanized
Sizes: Contact your Sales Representative for information
Category: Low Carbon Wire Copy

Mine Mesh

Tree Island Steel mine mesh is manufactured to exact specifications to meet the demands of the mining industry. Mine mesh offers protection to the miners from loose scaling in the mines. Flush cut edges improve handling, installation and maintenance of safety standards

Welded steel mine mesh is available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit most individual mine requirements.

For more information contact the Industrial Sales Manager or Sales Representative in your region.


Available In: Sheets and rolls
Available Coatings: Available in galvanized or heavy galvanized finishes for improved corrosion resistance. Mine mesh is also available in bright wire.
Sizes: Mine Mesh is available in different lengths, widths, wire thicknesses and aperture sizes to meet specific strata control requirements.
Category: Mine Mesh Copy

Shaped Wire

Tree Island Steel carbon steel shaped wire is available in a variety of shapes to meet our customers' needs.  These include:  triangles, flat, square, hex and specialty shapes.

Available In: Coils 100 lb – 2,200 lb and cut lengths
Sizes: 0.080” - 0.250”
Category: Industrial