Galvanized Chain Link Fence Wire

Tree Island Steel chain link wire is manufactured to ASTM and CSA specifications in all grades and types for the weaving of chain link fencing.  Tree Island Steel galvanized chain link wire is designed to save minimize downtime and increase your production time in the manufacturing process.

Made in North America.  ISO 9001 Certified quality process.

Tree Island Steel produces both galvanized wire as well as PVC coated wire in black, green, brown, and white.

All Tree Island Steel chain link wire is made to meet or exceed ASTM A 817, ASTM A 392, ASTM A3 70, AASHTO M1 81 and ASTM A90 standards.


Available In: Carriers and in standard and blue wrap pack coils. (1000 Kg)
Available Coatings: Commercial, Class 1, Class 3, Class 4, and 2 ounce galvanized
Sizes: Diameters from 0.092 inches - 0.192 inches. Tensile Ranges: 60-75 ksi & 75-95 ksi
Category: Chain Link Wire