Low Carbon Bright Wire

Tree Island Steel low carbon bright wire can be used in a number of applications: from coat hangers to display stands. Tree Island Steel wire is precision drawn to exacting tolerances of 0.001 inch diameter.

Available In: Industrial wire carriers or jumbo stands
Available Coatings: Bright
Sizes: 0.041 inches to 0.505 inches
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Low Carbon Galvanized Wire

Tree Island Steel low carbon galvanized wire is chemically bonded with a protective zinc coating to the underlying steel wire.  Our process provides a product that is consistently and uniformly coated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Galvanized wire is designed for butt welding, moderate forming or fabricating and, when specified, spot welding. Galvanizing extends the useful life of exposed wire by up to 10 times. Tree Island Steel galvanized wire is tailored to meet a wide variety of specific customer requirements.

Made in North America

Available In: Compacts, Industrial Carriers
Available Coatings: Commercial, Class 1, and Class 3 galvanized
Sizes: Contact your Sales Representative for information
Category: Low Carbon Wire