High Carbon Upholstery Spring Wire

Tree Island Steel manufactures a complete range of spring wire including mattress wire for innersprings and box springs; lacing wire for mattress border springs; and upholstery wire for automobile seating and home and office furniture. Types include: automatic coiling and knotting, border and brace, square form, furniture sinuous, and lacing.  Our technical service team expertly matches your requirements with the correct wire for all spring wire applications.  Tree Island Steel's manufacturing process provides a consistency in all mechanical properties which ensures uniform quality surface finish and consistency to the industry’s specifications resulting in wire that will run smoothly in our customers' machines.

Tree Island Steel spring wire meets or exceeds ASTM A407 for upholstery spring wire and ASTM A227/A227M, A679/679M and A764 for mechanical spring wire.

Available In: Tubular carrier – approx. 1,800 lb (816 kg) 
Available Coatings: Available in hard drawn bright finish and galvanized regular (commercial), Class 1, and Class 3.
Sizes: 0.048" to 0.192"
Category: Upholstery Wire