Bulk Nails

Tree Island Steel® produces over 400 sizes, shapes and finishes in our Richmond, BC facility. All Tree Island Steel® nails meet or exceed ASTM F1667, ASTM A153 and ASTM C514 nail standards.

Our focus is to add quality and value to all of our products. Tree Island Steel® nails are produced to ensure maximum strength at all times. Our advanced technology and efficient production ensure consistent quality. We have a wide range of nail types and finishes available to match the Right Fastener for the Right Project.

Included are:

Common - Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®), Bright Phosphate Box
Spikes - Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®), Bright
Roofing - Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®), Bright, and Electro-galvanized
Decking - Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®)
Drywall - Electro-galvanized
Blued Masonry
Finishing - Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®), Bright
Casing - Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®)
Siding - Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®)
Joist Hanger - Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®)
Bright Plastic Cap Roofing
Staples - Electro-galvanized
Furring nails
Roofing with neoprene washer, and many more.

Tree Island Steel hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®) process ensures a complete coverage of the nail shank and nail head to reduce corrosion.  Tree Island Steel hot dipped galvanized nails meet or exceed ASTM A153 Class D for use in ACQ treated lumber or where corrosion is an issue.

See our Nail Reference Chart for more information.

For a complete listing of our nails check out our Bulk Nail Catalog

Available In: 50 lb cartons, 30 lb Pails, and 20 lb convenience packs on select skus. Other packaging is available on request.
Available Coatings: Bright, Hot dipped galvanized (ZincGard®), Electro-galvanized, Phosphate, Blued.
Sizes: From 3/4" to 14" nails
Category: Bulk