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Furring Nails

Furring nails are manufactured for the attachment of non-furred woven wire. Nails are designed with a 1/4" furring device to allow for proper cement embedment.

Available In: 5000 count carton
Available Coatings: Electro-galvanized nail includes 1/4" furring device
Sizes: 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" x 11 gauge
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K-LATH® Kwik Corner

K-Lath® Kwik Corner provides reinforcement of exterior plaster corners to ensure that walls look square and plumb. Use with K-Lath® Woven Wire and Stucco-Rite® welded wire. IAPMO approved.

Available in:

Straight Corner - 90 degree right angle

Short Flange - for use around doors and windows

Bull Nose - for round corners

One Coat - for 3/8" to 1/2" base coat

Kwik Arch - with a flexible leg for easy installation of radius and arch

Kwik Corner - double wire for easy attachment with nails or screws

Kwik Corner Heavy-Duty Class 3 - galvanized for exceptional corrosion protection

Kwik Corner Plastic Nose - PVC coated for high-corrosion environments


Available In: 25 & 40 pieces per carton
Available Coatings: Zinc-coated galvanized, Class 3 galvanized, PVC, plastic nose
Sizes: Available in 10' lengths
Category: Corners and Accessories