K-LATH® Stucco-Rite Welded Wire Lath

K-LATH® Stucco-Rite is a 16 gauge 2" x 2" welded wire lath for reinforcement of stucco, masonry, and cultured stone. Excellent alternative to 3.4 metal lath.

  • Rigid 1/4" furring for consistent, proper embedment
  • Redline Fastening Guideline on suction paper to ensure quick, easy and correct fastener placement
  • Available with KwikTrack double wire for easy attachment of fasteners
  • Paper backed for quick installation: Grade D, 60 Minute and double paper
  • Stucco-Rite HD - includes stiffening wires for heavier loads and wider stud spacing
  • IAPMO approved
  • Easy installation


Available In: 28" x 100"
Available Coatings: Zinc-coated galvanized wire for superior corrosion protection
Sizes: 2" x 2" - 16 ga
Category: Welded Wire
Tile Mesh Copy

K-LATH® Tile Mesh

Tree Island Steel K-Lath® Tile Mesh provides structural reinforcement backing for the installation of tile, stone and brick fascias. Reinforcement for plaster on exterior walls, interior floors, countertops and "wet areas" behind ceramic tile.


  • 2" x 2" - 16 gauge
  • Galvanized
  • 1/4" or 1/2" furred


  • CTI tested reinforcement for Portland cement mortar.
  • CTI tested for interior floor sound rated systems (see CTI R5113 - 79)
  • Complies with ASTM, C933, C1063, and IBC Federal Specifications QQ - L - 101c
Available In: 1/4" or 1/2" furring
Available Coatings: Galvanized
Sizes: Sheets: 28" x 102" and 38" x 102". Rolls: 48" x 112' and 54" x 100'
Category: Welded Wire Copy

Tree Island Steel® Canadian Made Stucco Mesh

High-quality welded wire lath designed for use as a base to receive Portland cement-based plaster and exterior stucco.  Made in Canada.

  • Continuous roll length reduces material waste and saves on valuable labour time
  • Self-furred for fast and easy fastener attachment
  • Designed with minimum ¼” furring for proper cement embedment
Available In: 2" x 2" - 16 ga
Available Coatings: Galvanized
Sizes: 48" x 50', 48" x 112', 54" x 50' and 54" x 100' rolls
Category: Welded Wire