K-LATH 17 ga Woven Wire
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K-LATH® 17 gauge Woven Wire

Available In: 1-1/2" x 17 ga
Available Coatings: Zinc-coated galvanized wire for superior corrosion protection
Sizes: SF: 36" x 150' (50 sq. yd.) & SFB: 36" x 100' (33 sq. yd.)
Category: Woven Wire
K-LATH 20 ga Woven Wire
https://www.treeisland.com/construction/stucco-reinforcement/woven-wire/k-lath%C2%AE-20-gauge-woven-wire Copy

K-LATH® 20 gauge Woven Wire

K-LATH® 1" x 20 gauge woven wire for reinforcement of one-coat modified Portland cement-based plaster.

  • 1" hexagonal opening formed with a reverse twist for superior strength
  • Redline fastening guidelines to ensure quick, easy and correct fastener placement
  • Furred every 6" longitudinally

K-LATH® Kwik Corner accessories make finishing easy.  Check out the accessories area of the website for more details.

Available In: 50 sq. yards
Available Coatings: Galvanized wire for corrosion protection
Sizes: 36" x 150'
Category: Woven Wire