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In the oil Industry, wireline service companies use wirelines (also called slick lines) to perform well maintenance services. These include: well depth measurements, retrieving safety valves or plugs, opening and closing down hole circulating devices, and high speed data retrieval and transmission wire.

Shaped Wire

Tree Island Steel carbon steel shaped wire is available in a variety of shapes to meet our customers' needs.  These include:  triangles, flat, square, hex and specialty shapes.

Engineered Structural Mesh

Tree Island Steel produces Engineered Structural Mesh (ESM) for concrete reinforcement for the construction and pre-cast industries.  Our customized reinforcing solutions will save installation time by eliminating the need to tie rebar lengths, while meeting all building code requirements.

Applications for Engineered Structural Mesh include: precast wall panels, bridge girders (top mesh, web mesh, bulb mesh, duct mesh), utility vaults, box culverts, stadium bleachers, median barriers, double-tee leg girders, retaining walls and more.

Concrete Reinforcing Wire

Concrete Reinforcing Wire - ASTM A1064

Premium quality reinforcing wire for all concrete projects.  Made from low carbon steel that exceeds ASTM A1064 standard. 

Wire Coils

Concrete Reinforcing wire is a premium reinforcing material for all concrete projects. Made form low carbon steel that exceeds the ASTM A1064 standard.

  • Standard 3,500 lb coils – up to 5,500 lb.
  • Also available in 2,000 lb carriers
  • Smooth or deformed wire
  • Common Grades 1006 to 1020
  • 0.125" to 1" wire diameters available

Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR)

Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR)

Tree Island Steel produces quality Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR), in sheets and rolls, for the construction and pre-cast industries. Wire reinforcement or wire fabric is an efficient, economical and viable option for concrete reinforcement.

Save time and money using Welded Wire Reinforcement over standard rebar methods.

Wires are welded in a mat so that wires do not move when concrete is placed, ensuring the wires are in their proper position

Sheets are designed to fit most reinforcing applications

Packaged and Bulk Screws

Tree Island Steel packaged  and bulk screws are designed for the do-it yourselfer and  contractor . 

All screws package label contains a reference to the number of screws in each package and bulk tub or box

Package labels are colour coded to help customers select the right screw for the project.

Screw types include:

  • Construction (square head),
  • Drywall (Phillips head),
  • Decking (square head),
  • Flooring (square head) and
  • Wood screws (square head).

All Tree Island Steel screws meet or exceed ASTM standards.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Wire

Tree Island Steel chain link wire is manufactured to ASTM and CSA specifications in all grades and types for the weaving of chain link fencing.  Tree Island Steel galvanized chain link wire is designed to save minimize downtime and increase your production time in the manufacturing process.

Made in North America.  ISO 9001 Certified quality process.

Tree Island Steel produces both galvanized wire as well as PVC coated wire in black, green, brown, and white.


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