Tree Island

High Carbon Upholstery Spring Wire

Tree Island Steel manufactures a complete range of spring wire including mattress wire for innersprings and box springs; lacing wire for mattress border springs; and upholstery wire for automobile seating and home and office furniture. Types include: automatic coiling and knotting, border and brace, square form, furniture sinuous, and lacing.

High Carbon Pulp Baling and Unitizing Wire

Galvanized unitizing and pulp baling wire is manufactured to rigorous standards to ensure compliance with all international marine cargo and transportation regulations used in mechanical lifting devices.  This engineered round wire strapping has been designed to work with industry standardized tying equipment.  Our assurance of quality and compliance is a mill test certificate which is provided with every shipment. 

All unitizing and pulp baling wire has regular (commercial) galvanized coating. Meets ASTM A641/A641M specifications for regular (commercial) galvanized coating

Mine Mesh

Tree Island Steel mine mesh is manufactured to exact specifications to meet the demands of the mining industry. Mine mesh offers protection to the miners from loose scaling in the mines. Flush cut edges improve handling, installation and maintenance of safety standards

Welded steel mine mesh is available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit most individual mine requirements.

For more information contact the Industrial Sales Manager or Sales Representative in your region.


Pipemesh and Flexicage

Tree Island Steel Pipemesh and Flexicage mesh products are available for all standard pipe formats.  Flexicage allows the formation of  the bell to be flared to your exact dimensions.

Pipemesh comes in rolls up to 600' (182.88m)

Box culvert mesh is also available in rolls and a variety of flat sheet configurations.

All Pipe Mesh conforms to the ASTM A1064 standards.

Pipe Wrap available on request.

Rebar Tie Wire

Tree Island Steel rebar tie wire is a fully annealed wire for use in the construction industry, and is uniformly coiled and packaged to fit standard tie wire reels. Tree Island Steel's annealing process produces a soft wire, giving it the flexibility that is necessary for quick tying.  Coils have cores to allow pay-off without slippage. 

Available in 15, 16, and 16.5 ga black annealed and 16 ga PVC coated rebar tie wire.

Packaged Nails

The Tree Island Steel® packaged nail program is designed for small projects around the home where cartons of nails are not needed.

Packages are colour-coded to help customers select the right nail for the project.

Nail types include: Common, Spiral, Spikes, Box, Roofing, Duplex, Masonry, Finish, Drywall, Flooring, Casing, Decking, Siding, Staples, Joist Hanger, Plastic Cap, Neoprene washer, and many more. See our brochure for a full range of nails.

Bulk Nails

Tree Island Steel® produces over 400 sizes, shapes and finishes in our Richmond, BC facility. All Tree Island Steel® nails meet ASTM F1667, ASTM A153 and ASTM C514 nail standards.

Tree Island Steel®

Tree Island Steel® is the premier North American brand for wire and wire products. Since 1964, Tree Island Steel® has a been a major brand in the building materials and hardware industry. The brand is synonymous with quality and value. From nails and fasteners to the best in wire products on the market, our extensive product offering provides solutions to meet all of our customer's needs.



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