TrueSpec® Nail Head Identification System

The TrueSpec® Head Identification system allows you to build with confidence! 

TrueSpec® is the only collated nail with the head stamped and coloured ensuring the correct nail is used for intended application, ensuring structural integrity. Eliminate 'wrong nail' issues and increase efficiency. Specify, build and inspect knowing the 'right nail' was used. 

Nails are available in Plastic Strip or Paper Tape in Common, Box, Ring, Screw or Hardware.


Build with confidence.  The TrueSpec® nail identification system is widely recognized as THE brand for contractors and builders. TrueSpec® improves job site communication and insures that the correct fastener is used, reducing confusion and risk. Inspectors can easily confirm that the correct fastener has been employed. Contractors can quickly order the correct fastener and communicate the proper application to their crew. Engineers, builders and specifiers can clearly and easily define the correct fastener. Made by Halsteel in the USA.

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