K-Lath® Tile Mesh

Tree Island Steel K-Lath® Tile Mesh provides structural reinforcement backing for the installation of tile, stone and brick fascias. Reinforcement for plaster on exterior walls, interior floors, countertops and "wet areas" behind ceramic tile.


  • 2" x 2" - 16 gauge
  • Galvanized
  • 1/4" or 1/2" furred


K-Lath® Kwik Corner

K-Lath® Kwik Corner provides reinforcement of exterior plaster corners to ensure that walls look square and plumb. Use with K-Lath® Woven Wire and Stucco-Rite® welded wire. IAPMO approved.

Available in:

Straight Corner - 90 degree right angle

Short Flange - for use around doors and windows

Bull Nose - for round corners

One Coat - for 3/8" to 1/2" base coat

Kwik Arch - with a flexible leg for easy installation of radius and arch

Kwik Corner - double wire for easy attachment with nails or screws

K-LATH® 20 gauge Woven Wire

K-LATH® 1" x 20 gauge woven wire for reinforcement of one-coat modified Portland cement-based plaster.

  • 1" hexagonal opening formed with a reverse twist for superior strength
  • Redline fastening guidelines to ensure quick, easy and correct fastener placement
  • Furred every 6" longitudinally

K-LATH® Kwik Corner accessories make finishing easy.  Check out the accessories area of the website for more details.


K-Lath® is the leader in reinforcement for stucco walls and cladding. Since 1944, K-Lath® has produced welded wire and paper-backed reinforcing products for the stucco industry. Indeed the name "K-Lath®" has become a generic term for describing proper stucco reinforcing. K-Lath® manufactures products in California for shipment across the United States and Canada. K-Lath® Stucco netting has an unique redline furring makes it easy to install. Made in the USA. 

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