The heat is on!

May 19, 2023

Following the sale of our Etiwanda, CA, facility, the Tree Island Steel team began the mammoth undertaking of moving the annealing furnace to our Richmond, BC, plant.

The annealing furnace is over 27 feet tall and was too large to ship fully assembled. All of the components had to be removed from the exterior of the furnace housing, including cutting off various brackets to reduce the overall size. Despite the modifications, we were at the maximum allowable shipping dimensions and required a specialized trailer and pilot cars to ship the annealer from Etiwanda to Richmond. Preparation for the shipment took 14 days of dedicated effort by the Tree Island Steel maintenance team.

The box enclosure (once stripped down) still weighs approximately 20,000 pounds. Even stripped down to its minimum dimensions, the unit had to be laid on its side to fit through the doors and only had a few inches of clearance to spare.

The annealer has now been reassembled and is fully operational and ready for your order! Contact us for all of your annealed wire needs.