Our Roots Run Deep

Tree Island Steel operates three manufacturing facilities in North America, including at our flagship facility in Richmond, BC. Our production expertise and extensive product line enables Tree Island Steel to provide customized solutions to meet all of our customers’ needs.
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Our world depends on wire

Often unseen but always essential, wire is everywhere in our world: in the home and the workplace, on farms and in factories, from the deepest mineshaft to the tallest skyscraper. Whatever your needs, Tree Island Steel is truly the world’s wire solution.

The North American supplier of choice

Tree Island Steel is comprised of three facilities in North America. Our mill in San Bernardino, California, and two in Western Canada (Richmond, BC, and Calgary, AB) produce the best quality wire for our customers. In addition to our North American production, we source high-quality goods globally to expand our offering and meet additional customer needs.


Our brands are built on the reputation that Tree Island Steel has earned as a manufacturer of premium wire products. Quality is engrained in our culture, and it’s this dedication to quality that sets us apart.

We believe True Craftmanship Endures.
The Tree Island Steel team produces a durable and diverse range of products trusted by our customers around the world. Our excellence in manufacturing, service, and support ensure we offer the best solutions to fulfil the diverse needs of our customers.

Organizational Culture

The Tree Island Steel culture is rooted in our core values and guiding principles:

Safety & Efficiency
We take actions to maintain a safe and respectful workplace, always looking for ways to simplify and optimize our approach.
Resiliency & Adaptability
We grow stronger through challenges, learn from our mistakes, embrace change, and are flexible when faced with adversity.
Problem-Solving & Lifelong Learning
We never stop asking questions and seeking answers. We continuously expand our learning to gain new skills and expertise, sharing our knowledge with one another.
Company Timeline

since 1964

Environmental Sustainability

Committed to environmental sustainability

Tree Island Steel is committed to embracing sustainability in all aspects of our operations. From the products we manufacture to our durable, reusable packaging, we continually strive to ensure the most efficient use of our resources.

Our current achievements include:

  • Many of our products are manufactured from recycled steel, and any scrap generated is recycled
  • Packaged nails are supplied in recycled plastic containers that are 100% reusable and recyclable
  • Bulk and collated nails are packaged in cartons produced from recycled cardboard
  • All waste materials generated from manufacturing or packaging are recycled or reused
  • We participate in an empty wire carrier packaging retrieval program
  • Water used in the production process is treated in a sophisticated wastewater treatment plant and exceeds all environmental requirements for discharge
  • Tree Island Steel is fully committed to recycling paper documents and reducing the need for paper in offices and operations
  • Our employees maximize the use of electronic communication in an effort to reduce paper usage